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VW: Oiling the wheels of the European Union

Posted by Hugh Mouser — 11 October 2012 at 6:02pm - Comments
Activists from Greenpeace France hang a banner at the Paris Motorshow
All rights reserved. Credit: Nicolas Chauveau / Greenpeace
Activists from Greenpeace France hang a banner at the Paris Motorshow

Sometimes it seems like industry directly dictates the laws that politicians draw up. And it’s just been revealed that our old friends Volkswagen are leading the way against green EU legislation.

Do you have the inside scoop on VW's anti-climate law lobbying?

Posted by Richardg — 23 August 2011 at 4:08pm - Comments

Volkswagen spokespeople keep telling everyone they’re 'surprised' we’re focusing on their company. They think they make green cars. We know they could do much, much better – after all, for every greener car VW sells 15 more polluting ones roll out of the salesrooms.

Energy bill lobbying brief

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Thanks for saving millions of barrels of oil

Posted by jamess — 28 January 2011 at 12:40pm - Comments
By pushing for strong European emissions laws, we can save a lot of oil
All rights reserved. Credit: © Greenpeace / Philip Reynaers
By pushing for strong European emissions laws, we can save a lot of oil

Thanks to all of you who sent emails to Philip Hammond and Ford over the past few months - you really made an impact.

Your pressure helped us take an important step towards kicking our oil addiction.

BP funding climate change deniers in US elections

Posted by jamess — 25 October 2010 at 2:18pm - Comments

In 2009, our US campaigners protested against Big Oil-funded spin which aimed to nobble the climate change debate

If you ever wanted to witness the grimy political hand of Big Oil, now's your chance: it's US mid-term election time.

The web of dirty money is global, with BP and other European companies complicit in funding climate change denier candidates for the US senate.


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Decision-makers (like politicians or industry leaders) have both the resources and the responsibility to make positive change happen. 

In our lobbying work, we target and engage those in positions of power and pressure them to take the bold steps needed to protect the planet. We make sure that our campaign demands are clearly heard by decision-makers, and we ask them to translate these demands into real action that protects the environment.

How we make change happen

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We investigate, expose and confront environmental abuse by governments and corporations around the world.

We champion environmentally responsible and socially just solutions, including scientific and technical innovation.

Greenpeace intervenes at the point where our action is most likely to provoke positive change - whether this is intervening at the point of an environmental crime, targeting those who have the power to make a difference, engaging people and communities who can leverage change, or working for the adoption of environmentally responsible and socially just solutions. Usually, our campaigns involve elements of all of these tactics.

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