What you can do for our oceans

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We now know the oceans are not limitless, and that many of the species they support are being pushed to the brink of extinction by the activities of the greatest predator on the planet - ourselves. But just as we have been a major cause of the crisis facing our oceans, so we also hold the solution in our hands.

As individuals we need to hold both our governments and our companies to account.

A Recipe for Change

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15 October, 2006

Supermarkets repond to the challenge of sourcing sustainable seafood

Almost a year has passed since Greenpeace first challenged the major UK retailers to ensure that the seafood they sell is sustainable. "A Recipe for Change" is a review of the progress that supermarkets have made on this issue over the last 12 months.

Download the report:

Supermarket seafood: league table 2006

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Greenpeace campaign archive. Last updated 2006-10-05  

As the supermarkets have begun to improve the sustainability of the seafood they sell, Greenpeace has been keeping careful track of their progress. Our new league table shows how the supermarkets are now performing and compares their current performance with their position last year.

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Food Standards Authority faces legal action over GM rice in UK supermarkets

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The rice contamination scandal continues to grow but the Food Standards Agency isn't enforcing the law

It never rains but it pours, and the scandal of US rice contaminated with an illegal genetically modified (GM) variety shows no signs of slowing down. In the latest twist, Friends of the Earth has indicated it intends to launch legal proceedings against the Food Standards Authority (FSA) after finding contaminated rice on sale in UK supermarkets.


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Giant chickens invaded McDonald's in April to protest at their involvement in Amazon destruction

In an historic deal that has impacts far beyond the golden arches and into the global agricultural market, McDonald's is now the leading company in the campaign to halt deforestation for the expansion of soya farming in the Amazon.

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Garden Furniture Guide 2006

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B&Q are one of the retailers who are at the top of this year's garden furniture league

It's back - the guide that shows which retailers are stocking forest-friendly garden furniture and how they rate against each other in our annual league table.

A British summer beckons and thoughts turn to lazy days in the garden, sheltering from the rain under a parasol on elegant sun loungers whilst watching the barbeque splutter its dying embers over half-thawed sausages.

Greenpeace welcome Morrison's pledge to green their seafood buying policy

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20 March, 2006

Greenpeace today scored another success in their campaign to 'green' supermarket seafood buying policies as Morrison's agreed to change their policy.The move means that the four biggest UK supermarkets have now committed to sourcing their seafood from sustainable sources.

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