Supermarkets league table 2006: Marks & Spencer - 1st place

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M&S_supermarketsWith 10 years of experience, M&S continues to lead the field in sustainable seafood procurement and to drive sustainability initiatives throughout the seafood industry. The retailer sets clear goals and communicates with an openness and honesty that are lacking in the pronouncements of most other supermarkets.

Supermarkets and sustainable seafood

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How sustainable are the fish your supermarket is selling?

How sustainable are the fish your supermarket is selling?

Thank you for helping us to stamp out beam trawling!

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Campaign archive: September 2007

Trawler trash at Leeds supermarkets

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6 December, 2006
"For every plate of beam trawled plaice, there are up to three plates of wasted sea life"

'Fishmongers' lay out dead fish, crabs, sponges and coral at entrances to Asda, Morrisons and Tesco

'Trawler trash' at Birmingham supermarkets

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5 December, 2006

Greenpeace 'fish mongers' hold a banner reading "ban beam trawling!"

'Fishmongers' lay out dead fish, crabs, sponges and coral at entrances to Asda, Morrisons and Tesco

Today, (Tuesday 5th December) Greenpeace volunteers have displayed hundreds of dead fish, crabs, sponges and coral - outside the entrance to a Birmingham Asda superstore, the fishmongers will also visit a Birmingham Morrisons and Tesco, later today (1). The action is part of a "trawler trash tour", visiting the same supermarkets across the UK (2).

The "trawler trash" roadshow

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For every plate of beam trawled plaice there are up to 3 plates of wasted sea life

Following their fine showing in London's Trafalgar square last month, our Greenpeace 'fishmongers' hit the road today on their mission to show supermarket shoppers how many of the nation's favourite fish are caught using wasteful and destructive methods - beam-trawling in particular.

Help us stamp out beam trawling

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Stamp out beam trawling

Your help in getting supermarkets to sort out their seafood is vital! As a consumer and potential customer, your concerns about what supermarkets sell can really put pressure on supermarket bosses to change their practices.

Sustainable seafood: what fish can I eat?

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If your supermarket, fishmonger or restaurant does not have a good policy on sourcing sustainable seafood, you will need to do the hard work yourself. Asking questions about your seafood sends a clear message to supermarkets and restaurants that people do care where their seafood comes from.

Is there something I haven't tried before?

Many stocks of the popular whitefish such as cod or plaice are in bad shape - there may be plenty on the shelves, but there are not many left in the sea. Try something new - ask staff at the fish counter for a good alternative to your usual choice. Some supermarkets are promoting these alternatives each month - look out for these options. If consumers reduce consumption and broaden their tastes, then the pressure on popular species can be reduced.

Beam trawlers - destroying the seabed

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"Fishing with modern technology is the most destructive activity on Earth"

Charles Clover, Environment Correspondent, Daily Telegraph

How beam trawling works

Sustainable seafood - a recipe for change

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    * Cover detail from the Greenpeace report "A Recipe for Change"

Greenpeace campaign archive: published 2006-11-15