Last-ditch attempt to sabotage law for cleaner cars

Posted by Elena Polisano — 14 June 2013 at 4:08pm - Comments
Angela Merkel
All rights reserved. Credit: World Economic Forum
Angela has that petrol emotion

Politicians would make terrible magicians. That’s my conclusion after reading a new proposal that sets out how Europe should meet its fuel economy targets for all new cars.

The German government’s proposal is an attempt to con the rest of Europe into playing into the hands of car companies like BMW and Daimler.

Taking your message to VW

Posted by bex — 19 April 2012 at 3:18pm - Comments
Protest during Volkswagen's AGM
All rights reserved. Credit: Daniel Mueller / Greenpeace
Protest during Volkswagen's AGM

For almost a year now, you’ve been asking VW to turn away from the dark side and reduce its fleet’s CO2 emissions. Today we took that message to the company’s AGM in Hamburg with a giant banner reading "Take responsibility seriously! Honest climate protection now" (in German, obviously).

CO2 - Das Problem

Posted by bex — 17 April 2012 at 4:56pm - Comments
Paraglider with banner flying around VW headquarters
All rights reserved. Credit: Michael Loewa / Greenpeace
Paraglider with banner flying around VW headquarters

This morning, two activists in Germany climbed the towering VW office building, dropped a banner reading “CO2 - Das Problem”, demonstrating that VW’s boss needs to show more responsibility when it comes to climate change. The climbers were removed, but another Greenpeace activist has since managed to paraglide around the tower - sending the message that the rebellion will continue until VW commits to real climate protection.

Behind the lens in the Himalayas and other stories

Posted by bex — 5 June 2007 at 12:41pm - Comments

We regularly put photos of Greenpeace events here in the UK on Flickr, but sometimes we neglect to share pics from our 30 other offices around the world. And, what with the G8 coming up, there's been quite a lot going on in Greenpeace world over the past few days. Here's a selection of our favourite pics:


One fifth of US rice contaminated with illegal GM strain

Posted by jamie — 14 September 2006 at 8:00am - Comments
'Genetic engineering - hands off', the label says on a plate of rice contaminated with an illegal GM variety

'Genetic engineering - hands off', the label says on a plate of rice contaminated with an illegal GM variety

Up to one fifth of rice entering the EU is contaminated with an illegal genetically modified (GM) strain from the US. Those are the findings of the European Commission's own investigation into EU rice imports, following the admission in August by the US government that untested strains of GM rice had entered the food chain.

Stop Esso campaign spreads across the globe

Posted by bex — 10 October 2002 at 8:00am - Comments

Stop Esso campaign spreads across the globe

Esso garage closed by Greenpeace

In 2002, action against Esso got well underway in the USA, Europe and New Zealand, as Greenpeace activists around the world joined in the protest.

MAY 2002

United States: Greenpeace USA launches it's campaign against the richest company in the planet.

Canada: Greenpeace activists lock themselves to fuel pumps at Esso stations in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, while volunteers in Bush masks urge motorists not to buy Esso.

New Zealand: Greenpeace issues "A Decade of Dirty Tricks" report outlining how Esso has undermined international climate change policy.

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