Success! Polish coal mine construction halted

Posted by jossc — 13 March 2009 at 11:10am - Comments

Greenpeace climbers make their point at Jozwin II B open cast mine site last December

Greenpeace climbers making their point at the Jozwin II B site last December

Great news just in from Poland, where work on the giant Jóźwin IIB open-cast pit and coal mine near Konin has been suspended. Following a legal challenge submitted last December by Greenpeace, a Polish court has ruled that there were problems with the environmental assessment process undertaken before work began on the site. Construction has now been halted while the process is reviewed.

This is a big victory - Jóźwin IIB was the site for our most recent Climate Rescue Station, set up last winter to remind delegates at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in nearby Poznań that tackling climate change and building new coal-fired power stations are fundamentally incompatible aspirations. It will be particularly well-received by many of the peaceful activists who were attacked by mine workers at the end of last year during the protests.

Brazil sets targets to stop deforestation, but is it enough?

Posted by jamie — 4 December 2008 at 11:42am - Comments

Flying over forest fires in the Amazon © Greenpeace/Beltra

Flying over forest fires in the Amazon © Greenpeace/Beltra

With the current climate talks now underway in Poznan, the Brazilian government has finally fulfilled a promise it made at the previous round of talks in Bali last year and set targets for reducing deforestation in the Amazon. It's great to see they finally have some targets to work towards (and it's been a long time coming) but as is often the way with these political initiatives, it all falls short of what's really needed.

As Poznan continues, it's chimney climbing time

Posted by jamie — 2 December 2008 at 1:25pm - Comments

Greenpeace climbers make their way to the top of the Pątnów power coal fired power station chimney near Konin, western Poland.

Two climbers plan their ascent © Greenpeace/Rose

As the climate negotiations rumble on at Poznan in Poland, down the road at the coal power plant a group of Greenpeace climbers have scaled 150 metres up the chimney stack to hang 'Quit coal' banners, while another group has blocked the main entrance gate.

One of the climbers is Will, one of the Kingsnorth Six who were recently acquitted on charges arising from a similar action at (where else?) Kingsnorth power station in Kent - in fact, Will is providing the photos from the top of the chimney.

Help Stop Climate Chaos to recharge the media

Posted by jossc — 1 December 2008 at 1:31pm - Comments

Stop Climate Chaos logo Do you feel the media sometimes misses the point? Wish it was getting the urgency of climate change?

As you may know, Greenpeace is a member of Stop Climate Chaos (SCC), the umbrella group of organisations working together to limit the worst effects of climate change. If, like us, you think the media could use some 'recharging' on the climate debate, join in to create a big debate in the media this December. Get the letters pages, opinion columns and airwaves buzzing with your views on climate change and the UK's energy choices.

Get your voice heard. Inspire others. Help shape the public agenda.

Actions not words needed at Poznan

Posted by jossc — 1 December 2008 at 11:54am - Comments

EU leaders - 20 years of broken promises...

On 11 December at Poznan in Poland, our governments will decide Europe's response to climate change for the next 12 years. Unless they agree to at least 30 per cent cuts in European greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, we'll have no chance of keeping global warming below 2°C and avoiding climate catastrophe.

So far there is still an utter lack of any kind of visionary leadership in these talks. There are still governments that repeatedly fail to grasp the urgency of the crisis. That's why we need to make ourselves heard, because the impacts of climate change are racing ahead of the scientific projections.

Peaceful protesters attacked by miners in Poland

Posted by jossc — 24 November 2008 at 6:06pm - Comments
Greenpeace volunteers in Polish open pit coal mine


Peaceful protesters from the our Climate Rescue Station were attacked by mine workers today as they entered the vast Jóźwin IIB open pit mine near Konin in Poland. As they prepared to paint a huge "Stop" sign next to a giant excavator, the activists were assaulted and prevented from carrying out their peaceful protest. A journalist accompanying them was also beaten.

All stations go for climate rescue

Posted by bex — 14 November 2008 at 12:24pm - Comments

Greenpeace volunteers worked constantly over several days to build the domed Rescue Station.

As governments prepare for the next round of crucial climate talks this December in Poznan, Poland, we're making a few preparations of our own. Obviously, we'll be at the talks, pressuring governments to quit coal and work towards a meaningful deal to save the climate - but we also have plenty planned for the run up to the talks.

On the edge of a vast open pit coal mine in Konin, Poland, we've set up a Climate Rescue Station - a four storey high earth dome powered by renewable energy - to highlight the true cost of coal in the lead up to the negotiations. People from 15 countries will be staying at the station, telling the story of how coal (the single greatest threat to our climate) is affecting our planet.

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