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BP presented with 2008 'Emerald Paintbrush' award by Greenpeace

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Oil giant accused of using advertising to ‘greenwash’ massive new investment in fossil fuels

22 December, 2008

Greenpeace representatives in dinner jackets and bow ties were today ejected from BP's London headquarters after attempting to present the British oil giant with the first annual "Emerald Paintbrush" award.

Security guards threw out the smartly dressed protestors after they staged an impromptu awards ceremony in the lobby of the building.

Greenpeace plans to award the new prize each year to any company it deems guilty of hiding its environmental impact with misleading advertising.

European fishing quotas another "annual farce"

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19 December, 2008

Commenting on today's announcement of the EU fishing quotas, which has flown in the face of science by allowing an increase in the amount of North Sea cod which can be caught, Greenpeace oceans campaigner Willie Mackenzie said:

"Today's announcement is disastrous for the fishing industry. The cod quota could lead to fishermen fishing themselves out of a job, because these catch levels could see an end to North Sea cod.

Government moves in to strip juries of its power in climate protest cases

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The government is seeking to significantly weaken the power of juries in cases involving climate change protesters

18 December, 2008

A letter from the Crown Prosecution Service to lawyers for Greenpeace reveals that the Attorney-General is close to referring the case of the Kingsnorth Six to the Court of Appeal in an effort to remove the defence of ‘lawful excuse' from activists.

The Kingsnorth Six faced a charge of criminal damage at Maidstone crown court in September. A year earlier the Greenpeace volunteers had entered Kingsnorth coal-fired power station in Kent before scaling the chimney, closing the station and painting Gordon Brown's name down the smokestack.

EU puts coal ahead of the climate - Greenpeace

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12 December, 2008

European Leaders lack both the vision and the political will to get a deal for the climate in Copenhagen, Greenpeace warned today.

Commenting on the climate deal agreed in Brussels, Robin Oakley, Greenpeace UK climate campaigner, said:

Greenpeace and others send emergency letter to European leaders on climate package

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11 December, 2008

NGOs across Europe united today to warn their political leaders that horse trading and diplomatic brinkmanship could destroy a historic package of measures aimed at tackling climate change.

Representatives from the Climate Action Network, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth have sent a joint letter to the heads of Europe's main institutions demanding that leaders have the courage to face down those countries determined to massively weaken the climate change deal.

The most recent draft of the package, if accepted, would result in a totally inadequate deal:

Greenpeace reaction to Plane Stupid protest at Stansted Airport

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8 December, 2008

Reacting to this morning's protest at Stansted, a Greenpeace spokesperson said:

"The climate change secretary Ed Miliband called for a Suffragette-style movement to pressure governments to act. Well, he got his wish. The Suffragettes were disruptive and lambasted by the establishment of the day, but have been utterly vindicated by history, and no doubt it will be the same with Plane Stupid.

Heathrow delay exposes cabinet split

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4 December, 2008

Reacting to news that an announcement on Heathrow expansion has been postponed until next month, Greenpeace executive director John Sauven said:

"The pro-runway faction in government is on the run. There's been whispered talk of a cabinet split for weeks, but now it's bursting into the open as more ministers realise that the business case for expansion is deeply flawed while the environmental case for blocking a new runway is overwhelming."

Turner advice would kill coal plans, says Greenpeace

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1 December, 2008

Lord Turner's Committee on Climate Change today recommended that new coal plants are not built in the UK unless they can capture all of their emissions by the early 2020s. If accepted by the Government, the proposal would kill controversial plans by German energy giant Eon to build a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth in Kent. 

John Sauven, the executive director of Greenpeace - which has led the campaign against Kingsnorth - said today: 

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Climate bill and electric cars announcements - Greenpeace responds

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27 October, 2008


Reacting to reports that emissions from aviation and shipping will be included in the Climate Bill, Greenpeace executive director John Sauven said:

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