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Prince Charles climate change speech - Greenpeace response

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9 February, 2011

Commenting on a speech today by Prince Charles in which he urges business leaders to embrace more ambitious climate change targets, Leila Deen of Greenpeace said:

Prince Charles visits the Greenpeace field

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Gaze, simple folk of the Earth, upon true regal grace. And look, that's Prince Charles as well! Ho-ho.

For those of you who aren't as familiar with the inner world of Greenpeace as, er, me, that bloke on the left is our executive director, John. That chap in the middle is our future king, probably, and the two fellas on his right are minders - probably fighting quite hard to stop themselves rugby tackling everyone to the ground and bundling HRH into a waiting Chinook.

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The prince, the presidents and the plan to save the rainforests

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Rainforest lines the banks of the Congo river

Prince Charles has a cunning plan to protect rainforests like this one along the banks of the Congo river © Stok/Greenpeace

The almost complete lack of green issues on the G20 agenda has had heads shaking both in our office and across the environmental movement, yet there was one result this week worth celebrating. It didn't come from the G20 directly, but the presence of so many world leaders was an excellent opportunity for Prince Charles to gather many of them together to talk about rainforests.

For some time now, the Prince has (like us) been promoting the idea that stopping deforestation in places like the Amazon and Indonesia is an excellent way to put the brakes on climate change. His recent trip to the Amazon (documented by the Sun's new environment editor) was just the latest demonstration of the Prince's passion for the issue.

The prince and the rubber tapper: stop trashing rainforests

Posted by bex — 15 May 2008 at 10:38am - Comments

The lungs of the world

Yesterday, the 'guardian angel' of Brazil's environment, Marina Silva, threw in the towel and quit her post as Brazil's environment minister. She told President Lula that her efforts to protect the Amazon "were being thwarted by powerful business lobbies".

Prince Charles joins clamour against coal as industry greenwash steps up

Posted by bex — 14 February 2008 at 6:09pm - Comments

Blimey. First Al Gore, then Nasa's top scientist and now Prince Charles. Yep, Charlie has joined the clamour against new coal and, while he didn't go as far as Gore and call for "rings of young people blocking bulldozers," he did stand up in front of the European parliament and ask:

"Can we really understand the dynamics of a world in which energy and food security will become real issues for everyone? ... Can we possibly allow twenty years of business as usual before coal powered generation becomes clean? Are we truly investing enough in renewable energy?"

Prince Charles warns government over coal - Greenpeace responds

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14 February, 2008

Prince Charles today raised serious doubts over proposals to build new, conventional coal fired power stations like one currently being considered by the government at Kingsnorth in Kent.

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