DEFRA offices blockaded with illegal timber

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A Greenpeace activist chained to a pallet of illegal rainforest plywood at DEFRA

Shortly after 7.30 this morning, Greenpeace volunteers blockaded the entrance to the Department for the Environment,Food and Rural Affairs DEFRA offices on London's Millbank, in protest at the tonnes of illegal timber continuing to flood into the UK from the world's last rainforests.

Greenpeace welcomes call for state-of-the-art ship recycling facility in UK

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11 November, 2004

On Thursday 11 November the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee will release a report calling for urgent action to eradicate the practice of UK ships being sent to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and Turkey for disposal.

'The Ancient Forests'

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Greenpeace tells waste summit that incinerating rubbish has no future

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21 November, 2001

Greenpeace will argue for an immediate ban on new waste incinerators at the Government's 'Waste Summit', held today (21/11/01) in London. The environment group will present a policy aimed at achieving maximum possible reductions in the disposal of municipal waste and propose a new way forward in waste management involving waste reduction, re-use, recycling and composting.