5 things you need to know about the climate talks, COP21

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1.  What is COP21?

Between 30 November and 11 December 2015 a bunch of politicians and global leaders from over 190 countries will be involved in the United Nations 21st Conference of the Parties (‘COP21′, as it’s known). They’re meeting in Paris to try and agree a global legally binding climate treaty.

Join Greenpeace at the People's March for Climate!

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'March of the Polar Bears' caption with picture of polar bear
All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace UK
March of the Polar Bears

This December, world leaders will gather in Paris for COP 21 - a global climate conference convened by the United Nations. As these global leaders sit down to negotiate about climate change, people like you will be gathering together around the world to stand up for the climate - join us in London on Sunday 29th November!

Slideshow: the road to Copenhagen

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Climate change is a global problem - one which demands cooperation and action from the world's heads of government. And for that to happen, we need world leaders to attend the UN Climate Change summit in Copenhagen next month.

'Generation C' - what's really on their minds?

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Habbo - global warming is bad

Yes, it's bad. But there's a whole lot us Habbos can do about it!

According to conventional wisdom (oh all right the tabloid press to be more precise) all teenagers ever think about are themselves. So it may come as a surprise that a global survey of almost 50,000 teens released today reveals that they have many other concerns - and that they worry more about dangerous greenhouse gases than drugs, violence or war.

Crucial UN climate conference gets underway in Bali

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melting iceberg (copywrite nasa)

If a week is a long time in politics, then is two weeks long enough for world leaders to finally get to grips with the single biggest challenge we all face - limiting the effects of global climate change?

The answer has to be yes, if only because the consequences of any other outcome would be unthinkable. The start of the 2007 UN Climate Change Conference (otherwise known as COP 13) in Bali today coincides with alarming reports that the tropical belt that girdles the Earth's equator is expanding - pushing its boundaries out towards the poles at a rate not predicted by current computer models, which anticipated such developments only towards the end of this century.

Kyoto dead... Don't hold your breath!

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international climate talks 2001

international climate talks 2001

The latest round of international discussions about global warming concluded in Milan, Italy on 12th December. Sadly, the UN Convention on Climate Change (COP9) again failed to ratify the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, prompting critics to write it off for the umpteenth time.

In the past ten years, it has been almost impossible to count the number of times that the Kyoto Protocol has been declared 'dead'.

Daily update COP6

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Update: 23rd July

0600 hrs: As dawn broke over the conference center in Bonn, our emotional roller coaster hit another trough, as word came through that the rumors of a deal that we had heard of a few hours earlier, had run onto the rocks again.

Most of us had been up all night, as well as most of the night before, and the strain was just enormous. As I left the conference center to run back to the office, the banner the students had hung in the trees stood out against the dawn, a forlorn plea for sanity and a stark reminder of the simplicity of the fundamental issue - to either move forward, or move backward in our fight to protect the climate.

Daily update COP6

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Under threat - polar bear

Under threat - polar bear

Update: 21st July

The highlight Saturday outside the conference center, was a massive lifeboat organised by Friends of the Earth, constructed with planks covered in messages from all over the world, and towed throughout the city of Bonn and eventually into the Robert Schumann Platz at the conference center. A party atmosphere prevailed throughout the demonstration, and a good time was had by all.

Inside, Chairman Pronk outlined the process that he planned to use to get us through the final stage of negotiation, which is complicated enough to not bear repeating.

Suffice it to say that his plan called for a series of working groups which would report back to him. Then he would write up a text for consideration by the different groups. This was to happen sometime late in the afternoon. The paper finally arrived some time after 11 PM, so Greenpeace and all the other organisations got hold of copies and rushed off to put together commentary on it.

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