Greenpeace launches first national day of action against gas-guzzling 4x4s across the UK

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4 June, 2005

Land Rover forecourts across the country branded 'climate crime scenes' with Greenpeace volunteers handcuffed to worst offending cars

Teams of Greenpeace volunteers in seven major cities across the UK this morning have taken action to disrupt sales of some of the most gas guzzling 4x4s on sale at Land Rover dealerships. The activity is part of the UK's first national day of action against 4x4's.

Greenpeace shuts down Range Rover assembly line

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A Landrover is marked with CLIMATE CRIME SCENE tape

Early this morning 35 Greenpeace volunteers shut down the assembly line making gas-guzzling Range Rovers. Urban 4x4s made at this site are wrecking the climate.

Climate Crime File: Ford

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1 May, 2005

Ford claims to agree that climate change is real and the time for action is now. In its Corporate Citizenship report of 2001, Ford’s CEO Bill Ford Jr writes: ‘The global temperature is rising and the evidence suggests that the shift is being affected by human activity, including emissions related to fossil fuels used for transportation …We believe it is time to take appropriate action.’

Download the report:

Tax gas-guzzlers off our roads

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Exhaust of a 4x4

Climate change is already killing 150,000 people a year. If the government takes climate change as seriously as it says it does, Gordon Brown will tax gas-guzzlers off our roads tomorrow when he presents the budget.

Earlier today the Chancellor made a keynote speech describing climate change as an issue of justice and recoginsed that the millennium development goals cannot be met without stabilising the climate. He also declared his ambition to make British business the world leaders in environmental productivity.

Londoners say charge 4x4s more

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A banner reading "charge 4x4s 20 pounds"

More than a hundred volunteers from Greenpeace and the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s took to the streets to poll Londoners about a proposal to increase the congestion charge to £20 for gas-guzzling vehicles like 4x4s. Of the more than 5000 people randomly polled throughout London, 85 percent agreed that the Congest Charge should be higher for gas-guzzlers.

Brown budget urged to go green

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1 December, 2004

Greenpeace is urging Gordon Brown to use this year's budget to tackle climate change by supporting energy efficiency, ending fuel poverty and increasing taxes on petrol, inefficient vehicles such as SUVs and aviation.

Why we no longer trust Blair on climate

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Tony Blair

Tony Blair

At regular intervals over the last few years, Tony Blair has given strong speeches on the importance and urgency of tackling climate change. He has told us that this is the single greatest challenge facing the international community, and that the scientific evidence is alarming. He is certainly right about that. He has also said that he is personally passionate about solving the problem.

Greenpeace has been sharply critical of Blair on other issues - on GM, nuclear power and, above all, Iraq. But on climate we have tried to believe in his sincerity. We need politicians to take the lead, and we need to support them when they do. It's not our style to ask automatically, as Jeremy Paxman does, "why is this bastard lying to me?"

Pledge action against airport expansion

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airport expansion pledge logo

airport expansion pledge logo

Global warming - the real cost of fuel?

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Our message takes to the streets of Edinburgh

Greenpeace today challenged lorry drivers protesting in Edinburgh about fuel price rises by sending vans emblazoned with the message 'Global warming kills - keep the fuel tax' to join their convoy.

Global Warming Kills - the real cost of fuel

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15 June, 2004

Greenpeace today took a message about the real cost of fuel to lorry drivers protesting in Edinburgh about fuel prices by sending vans emblazoned with 'GLOBAL WARMING KILLS - KEEP THE FUEL TAX' to join the convoy.

According to the World Health Organisation, 160,000 people are already dying every year as a result of floods, droughts, storms and disease caused by climate change. If our dependence on oil is not reduced the figures are set to increase dramatically.

Rob Gueterbock, Greenpeace climate campaigner, said: