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Porsche sulks over London congestion charge, starts a petition

Posted by jamie — 22 February 2008 at 5:11pm - Comments

Porsche logoLondon mayor Ken Livingstone was never going to get an easy ride over his planned changes to the congestion charge, and Porsche's threat of a legal challenge is perhaps no big surprise. Famed for its fast, sleek, inefficient cars, it claims the new £25-a-day charge on gas guzzlers is "unfair and disproportionate".

As well as the promised judicial review, the company has started a petition for the Jeremy Clarksons of this world to voice their opposition to Ken's plan. "We know that huge numbers of people in London and across the rest of the country support our case," they claim. "They agree with us that it would be bad for London - that it is unfair and sends the wrong message about what sort of a city London is whilst having no meaningful benefit on the environment."

New congestion charge kicks out gas guzzlers

Posted by jamie — 13 February 2008 at 6:48pm - Comments

Traffic jam As reported in yesterday's news, London's congestion charge is being modified again to improve the capital's green credentials. From October, vehicles emitting the highest amounts of CO2 will have to pay £25 a day which gets a big thumbs-up, while the most efficient cars will get into central London free of charge.

Some commentators have pointed out that this effectively changes the purpose of the charge from reducing congestion to reducing pollution, and that's no bad thing. According to the World Resources Institute, road transport spews out around 10 per cent of global emissions (pdf), so providing incentives to move to more efficient models is going to do a lot to cut those exhaust fumes.

Greenpeace response to London gas-guzzler congestion charge rise

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12 February, 2008

Responding to Ken Livingstone's announcement today that gas-guzzling vehicles will have to pay £25 a day to enter London's congestion charge zone, Greenpeace Chief Scientist Dr Doug Parr said:

"Gas guzzlers have no place in a modern city like London, so it's great news that the congestion charge will give people a big incentive to pollute less.

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Sales of 4x4s dip for first time

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15 August, 2006

As new figures showed sales of 4x4 vehicles dipping for the first time, Greenpeace urged Tony Blair to enact proposals to tax polluting vehicles more heavily. A total of 105,196 new SUVs were sold in the first seven months of 2006 compared with 106,732 in January-July 2005.

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Greenpeace welcomes congestion charge extension

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30 September, 2005

Greenpeace today welcome the announcement that London's congestion charge zone will be extended to the Knightsbridge, Kensington and Chelsea areas.

Campaigner Mark Strutt said:

Greenpeace tells capital 'congestion charging works'

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27 April, 2005

Greenpeace volunteers confronted Chelsea residents opposing the congestion charge with the message 'Save the climate - Congestion charging works'.

The message was unfurled in West London, just off Kensington High Street, on a seven metre long banner as a convoy of cars from one of London's richest areas started their protest to call for a halt to the planned extension of the congestion charging zone.

Tax gas-guzzlers off our roads

Posted by bex — 15 March 2005 at 9:00am - Comments

Exhaust of a 4x4

Climate change is already killing 150,000 people a year. If the government takes climate change as seriously as it says it does, Gordon Brown will tax gas-guzzlers off our roads tomorrow when he presents the budget.

Earlier today the Chancellor made a keynote speech describing climate change as an issue of justice and recoginsed that the millennium development goals cannot be met without stabilising the climate. He also declared his ambition to make British business the world leaders in environmental productivity.

Londoners say charge 4x4s more

Posted by bex — 7 March 2005 at 9:00am - Comments

A banner reading "charge 4x4s 20 pounds"

More than a hundred volunteers from Greenpeace and the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s took to the streets to poll Londoners about a proposal to increase the congestion charge to £20 for gas-guzzling vehicles like 4x4s. Of the more than 5000 people randomly polled throughout London, 85 percent agreed that the Congest Charge should be higher for gas-guzzlers.

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